Participants in the 2024 Great Colleges program receive four complimentary reports. Institutions that want to dive deeper into their data can purchase additional reports and services. Click on any report name below to review sample reports, or visit the Additional Reports page. For more information on our web-based Gateway option click here.

For questions about these reports or other options (i.e., data from previous years, custom benchmarking) please contact Suzi Schmittlein at 302.764.4477 X 114.

Purchase of additional reports and consulting is limited to designated personnel who are authorized to, among other things, act, sign contracts and legally bind the college/university as it relates to the purchase of additional reports and services from the Great Colleges program. Prices below reflect a 10% discount through May 31, 2024, followed by a 5% discount through September 6, 2024. Reports will be charged at full price after that.

Prices shown below reflect the current rate for 2024 GC Participants.

Report Suites (Click on the report title in each suite to see a sample.)
New Participant Suite   $1,485  
Survey Results Suite   $3,159  
Job Category Report Suite   $2,880  
Benchmark Data Suite   $3,510  
Survey Data Suite   $1,570  
Special Combination Package   $6,750  
Get the Survey Results Suite and the Benchmark Data Suite at a discount, plus a complimentary 60-minute phone consultation with a ModernThink higher education expert (an $850 value).
Individual Reports (Click on the individual report titles to see a sample)
Note: If ordering one of the above report suites you will be unable to order the individual reports that it includes.
Aspirational Peer Benchmark Report (minimum of 5 peer schools required) $877 Add
Benefit Satisfaction Benchmark Report $1,386 Add
Employee Comments Report $553 Add
Job Category Benchmark Spreadsheet $922 Add
Minority Aggregate Benchmark Report $922 Add
Overall Benchmark ScoreCard $922 Add
Race/Ethnicity ScoreCard $715 Add
Recognition Category ScoreCard $720 Add
Response Distribution Benchmark Reports (Staff and Faculty) $1,386 Add
Response Distribution Reports (Staff and Faculty) $1,017 Add
Year-to-Year ScoreCard $553 Add
Report Gateway (online reporting tool)
Report Gateway (first time ordering) $4,050 Add
Report Gateway (renewal) $2,900 Add
Consulting Options *
60-minute Phone Consultation $877 Add
Webinar Presentation $3,001 Add
Onsite Presentation (1/2 day) $4,383
(plus expenses)